Linville Cove Apartments


Newland, North Carolina


Western North Carolina Housing Partnership

Weaver-Kirkland Housing, LLC, was selected in November 2010 as the Development Consultant by Western North Carolina Housing Partnership to assist them in locating a site “somewhere in Western North Carolina” and to provide technical assistance in obtaining financing and development expertise for an affordable housing development. After considering various locations in Western North Carolina, Avery County, due to several factors, became the logical choice. We were able to locate a property in Newland, North Carolina – the only flat land in that part of the state – but little did we know the challenges we would face. The project – Linville Cove – a 32 unit Senior apartment development was awarded tax credits in August 2011, and construction began in April 2012. Once grading began, it became apparent that the North Toe River which is located adjacent to the rear of the site and considered by the Owner to be a wonderful “amenity” for the project, was also running through a portion of the site.


The Weaver Cooke Team worked diligently through some really tough challenges with the site, including the following: $350K and 1 month undercut delay involved diverting existing river runoff under building footprint; CDGB funding mandated utilities and power be installed when project was at 75% completion instead of per our schedule; owner flooring change required 2 month lead time to produce product.

The Weaver Cooke Team reported that by using hybrid LEAN techniques and panelized framing, they shaved 3-5 months off schedule and completed 98% of the project in 7 months. Good weather allowed for paving before the first frost and landscaping completion in December in Avery County. The fast paced schedule allowed for longer polishing of product before turnover and higher profitability for all trades, and allowed profit projection to be shown for 2012 instead of 2013.